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The Way of a Worshiper – Book

April 14th, 2012

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This book is not about music. It’s not even about going to church. It’s about living your life as an offering of worship to God. It’s about tapping into the source of power to live the Christian life. And it’s about discovering the secret to friendship with God.

Through his very practical, engaging, and at times surprising insights, Buddy shares truths from Scripture and from life that will help you understand in a new and deeper way just what it means to be a worshiper.

God is looking for worshipers. His invitation to friendship is open and genuine. Will you take him up on his offer? Will you give yourself to him in worship? Then come walk the way of a worshiper and discover the secret to friendship with God.

What others are saying . . .

“Though this looks like a short book, it takes a long time to read, not because it is complicated and theoretical, but because it gives you so much to think about. Over and over, you’ll find yourself saying, ‘Yes! That’s right! Of course! I can do this!’ Read this book slowly, a chapter a day is about the right pace. Read it with a pencil in your hand so you can underline the thoughts and phrases that are especially meaningful to you. Pray the prayers at the end of each chapter, and put into practice what Buddy teaches you in this book. Your life will be richer for it, and your friendship with God will grow deeper and stronger.

“Buddy Owens is my friend, but more importantly, I believe he is God’s friend. He will teach you how to develop and maintain a deep, intimate friendship with God. He is, quite frankly, one of the most gifted Bible teachers I know. At Saddleback Church, Buddy leads our monthly Night of Worship service in which he teaches us about the purpose of worship in our personal lives and in the life of our church as a whole. I am confident Buddy will help you see that worship and friendship with God are the same thing. This means worship is not just a part of your life, it is your life.”
Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life


“I see my name written on God’s hand like never before…I will carry this book in my heart.”
“Coach” Bill McCartney, president and founder of Promise Keepers


“This book is great; compelling, simple, biblically dependent, drawing; it paints a vision of worship that draws out one’s inmost being.”
Dr. Larry Crabb, best-selling author, counselor


“This book is powerfully and beautifully rendered. It is easy to tell that Buddy Owens knows the One of whom he has written. Please make him write another book. We need to hear more from him.”
Claire Cloninger, author, songwriter, national Christian speaker

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